The Monthly Music Mixup

About the hosts


Westfiels Alliance

2009 was another year full of action for Ratcliff Bailey! We continue to get regular airplay of our music all over the world

Butterflies Radio

Butterflies Radio is an independent internet based station dedicated to the independent musician. ASATRON – Artist in the spotlight.

Michael Angel

Michael is a good friend of mine. This summer he did a whole show for my birthday. You never know what you may hear on his show.

Wayne Show

Wayne Price is another friend. We have nice coversations on facebook now and then. Price computer support….

David Tanny show

If you like comedy…. The David Tanny Show features podsafe comedy, novelty, dementia, and other weird songs.

Dige Vegas Indie Podcast

Paulie the host of this podcast is a really nice guy. Just a normal guy playing indie music in one of the most abnormal cities on the planet.

Marvel Noise

Comic books and music. David and Renee Price drive around and talk about comic books and stuff.


Steve – the radio voice nr: 1 Dalecast comes to you from Frosterley in the heart of Weardale, Co Durham, UK. It features all the latest & greatest podsafe music.

Moonlight Radio

In japaneese.

Double Shot Radio

Ineresting concept. Features three artists / show.

Radio Orphans

Radio Orphans weekly music podcast is dedicated to bringing you original independent music from around the world. Each episode is hosted by Jaw Knee and Finneaus.

Sitting Duck Podcast

Do you like what you hear on the radio? Do you dig the same music 4 times a day? If not, this is the podcast for you.

Filmed but not forgotten

Remembering the films that the audience forgot….

Hitmakers Podcast

This is weekly Podsafe Music Network Top 5 countdown show introducing PMN musicians to Japanese listenrs who are customers of the second largest music market…


The Mothpod presents only he best and brightest talent that the music industry has to offer.

In No particular order

A blog devoted to a podcast by two guys who are absolute authorities on absolutely nothing, waxing poetic on random topics pulled from Chuck’s hat. Talk, guest etc..

Blog Oklahoma

1Blog Oklahoma Started on July 25, 2003, the Blog Oklahoma web ring has grown into a diverse and interesting community of Oklahoma bloggers. Are you someone who…

Indie Music Sampler

Indie Music Sampler Radio is an Internet radio station playing mainstream independent music 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The playlist is huge (over 900 titles


PodKaista is yet another attempt to bring news and analysis content Henrik Anttonen’s chair.

Mr. Ed’s 2-Song Spotlight Presentation

A pioneer podcaster, Ed Ovett began back in Oct., 2005. The current show is a 10-12min audio segment featuring two tracks.

KryKey Webradio

KryKey Personal Web Radio lets you create your own Personal Web Radio Station or listen to the many web radio stations on here

Desert One Las Vegas

3 songs from Asatron now playing on Desert One Las Vegas 3 songs from Ratcliff Bailey now playing on Desert One Las Vegas Top 20 US Singles now playing on Dese

Jared Weseman

The Fusion of Indie Music, News, Politics, Conservative Opinion, and Tech. This Is Jared Weseman, Unfiltered.

wyrd 101

WYRD 101 is a series of podcasts that is in the vein of news, talk, and entertainment radio. The shows are hosted by a group of friends, and the citizens of the quas

Pegeant cast

Host of Milwaukee’s best German Radio program, the Stimmung Stunde and president of TKPN podcasting network which includes the PageantCast and Police on the Scene wi


News and commentary about marijuana law reform straight from the heart of Dixie.

My Pocket player

My Pocket Player Podcast is in polish language

Johnny Rockin

The Show that Rocks!… Indie music from around the world.


IMS Radio is an exciting new way to get quality PRS/PPL fee free music into your business


Exempel: Bra sökning


Take your Ipod, jam in your earbuds and join Jay and Mr D from the “Pillocks Palace” UK for fun, comedy banter, the “odd” guest and the best in new podsafe music. Th

Night Diary

Night diary. Igor Mercury The author of several personal podcast feeds on rpod.ru. Amateur podcasters and the founder of Internet radio stations «Mercury Radio»

Indie Nation Fm

indienation logo

What is Indie Nation? Darn good question, I will let you know when I have a darn good answer. For now, allow me to ramble on through it. Well, more of how it formed. I am still not sure myself exactly what it is and what it should be. To be honest, we are rather hoping our listeners help with that.

George Espenlaub Show

You never know what may come forth from this simple-minded man. This show, much like his blog at http://theespenblog.com is a place where fantasy…



The Yellow roomyellow2

A Podcast … Enjoyed by listeners around the World. Playing and Promoting Todays Independent, Unsigned & Podsafe Artists. Electric Blues, Rock, Jazz, Funk, & Soul.

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