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Today at. 18.19  Talking to Strangers was heard at Ljungbykanalen.
Krakel is happy and hope to be on the charts next week.
Listen here (Swedish)

If you want to vote  go to http://www.ohlzon.nu/topplistan/snl.asp or send a text message  snl 25 to 72550. (5kr)
Other stations that will play the charts:

Happy listening.


Idag kl. 18.19 kunde man höra Talking to StrangersLjungbykanalen.

Vi tackar för detta och hoppas vi tar oss in på Närradiolistan nästa vecka.

Här kan du höra hur det lät.

Vill du rösta så gör du det på http://www.ohlzon.nu/topplistan/snl.asp eller skickar ett sms med snl 25 till 72550. (5kr)

Här är andra stationer som sänder närradiolistan.

Trevlig lyssning!

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Miss my darling

Just left my favorite guitar to the guitar technician…

Went home with just the strap… feels like going home from the vet. with just the leach…

By the way…

Have you Heard Krakels new single?


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Happy new year!

Another year has passed.

2017 was the year when I focused more on the band Krakel than Asatron. However I recorded some songs and released them. Here’s the list:

March – Shiver

April – Together

July – Tomorrow

October – Memories of that day

November – Don’t want to now

December – Another Christmas


I also recorded and produced the single for Krakel, released in spring.

I would like to thank all of you who supported med this year.

I wish you all a happy 2018!




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Christmas music

Christmas is close.

This year I think about the ones we miss…

Merry Christmas!

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New music

Today I finally decided to release my latest track.

I think we all have things we’re not proud of…

That’s what this song is about.

Glad I don’t remember.

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Today I release “Memories of that day”.

A song about missed opportunities.

…I should have enjoyed summer, now it’s to late….

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Since I was a child I suffer from migraine. It has recently increased in intensity and now become chronic. That’s the reason why I don’t release music as often as I used to. Today I started new medication and the sounds in my head are gone. The pain is still there but it’s quiet. I’m hopeful!

Two songs are almost ready and three more songs with the band Krakel are close to release.

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