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New Music from Stockholm

The 7:th of April Stockholm was attacked.

A man drove a truck. killed and injured innocent people and crashed into one of Stockholms most visited stores.

It was a terror attack. Stockholmers were shocked.

My daughter works in that store and I’m so happy she called me to tell she was all right before I was reached by the news on media.

The days after the attack people came to the Place with flowers and candles to show respect to the victims but also to share love and show that we’ll never let things like this change us. A big love manifestation took place and policemen, firefighters, doctors and nurses were hailed as heroes. The leaders of Sweden spoke of love and freedom and the people of Stockholm were praised for their actions in Connection with the attack.

I was a bit shocked by the incident and cried for the victims but I also  felt something else. So many people showed love and consideration and stood united in love, not hate. We opened our hearts that day…

My way of dealing with this awful attack is creating music.

The lyrics includes fragments of things I heard people say and I’m so thankful that i have regained faith in humanity.

This song is called Together and it’s dedicated to all of you who choose love.

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New music

Vacation = studio

Created this one in my head and recorded it in two days.

Hope you like it too.

Here’s Shiver:


Feeling dizzy feel so small
Afraid to rise afraid to fall
avoid to look you in the eyes
Afraid to face the truth
Afraid of lies
The way you look at me
The way you touch
The way you talk to me
Makes me shiver shiver
Can I believe the things you say
My body screams Just run away
You’re coming close I look away
Afraid to fall in love
Afraid to stay
The way you look at me
The way you touch
The way you talk to me
Makes me shiver shiver
Look at me
Make me smile
Touch me
Make me shiver, shiver

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Did you know

Did you know I was once a professional choir singer?

I worked in church choir and for one year I worked with the famous Swedish radio choir . I was one of the singers when we performed a requiem by Sven David Sandström för the first time in Berwaldhallen in Stockholm. Tonight I listen to the recordings from the Concert  found on spotify. Memories are coming back to me… There was protests outside the concert hall… the lyrics by Tobias Berggren was inappropriate they said and definitely not for young girls to sing… there was high security and rumors said that the event were under bomb threat. The music is both very beautiful and sometimes awful, just like the lyrics. “The memories of the fallen” was inspired by documentation of German and French Nazi persecution of the Jews marketers, the paper Svenska dagbladet wrote. The concert was broadcasted live in Swedish radio and recorded and released as an album, now available on spotify. Sven David Sandström was rewarded with the Nordic Council Music Prize for this requiem. Want to know more? read here. Want ti listen? Listen here.

To me this is much more provocative than punk or death metal… Both the music and lyrics describe the horror when families were put on trains for the last journey  towards execution… No toys were allowed on the long journey…


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A different kind of gig…

Yesterday I played at a party. Just an acoustic guitar and my voice. To celebrate my 80 years old mother I sang and played a song instead of a speech.


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He’s back!

After nine days he suddenly came back!

The hope has left me  and I just begun to accept that he probably was dead…

When I got out of the car I heard a tiny little “meow” and there he was. Wet, dirty and thin….

I dropped my bags on the ground and hugged him, crying of happiness.

I’ll never know what happened to him but I know I love this little animal.


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an accident rarely comes alone

It started with a strange sound from the washing machine… Something is wrong but I have absolutely no idea what…

Then the fridge started scream…something with the cooling system… I tried to fix it but it still comes and goes.

Then I recognised that the floor in front of the dishwasher had a bump. I pulled out the machine and discovered a water leak. I called the Insurance company who came and removed the floor and told me I have to replace the whole floor, in the kitchen, livingroom  and the hall. But first, four weeks with a large fan to dry what´s left of the kitchen… Then i noticed a similar bump in the bathroom. We have to tear down your bathroom too the carpenters said. But don’t worry, we’ll fix a provisional shower for you… in the cellar…. ( my cellar has no heat, no floor but a lot of spiders…) Then the cat disappeared. The cat I love so much, who wakes me up every morning and always kiss me goodnight… He was just gone. When I searched for him I discovered that the water heater was broken.  Hot water spurted from below and I had to call the on-call Plummer. 5000:-

On Wednesday the carpenters come back and I don’t know if I can stay in my house until everything is fixed…

I hope this is it… I’m a bit worried about the car… and the studio… and my health…

But I only cried once… the cat. everything else can be replaced, but the cat… I miss him and it hurts thinking about what could have happened to him….


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My darlings

My most beautiful guitar is a Ibanez Rs525 purple haze.

I bought him in the early eighties together with a fender dual showman reverb amp.

That was my equipment playing with Krakel Zpektakel.

I still use both the guitar and the amp.

Of course the guitar family has grown since then and my latest love is also an Ibanez.

A seven stringed Rgd matt black who I met last summer.

But number one is still my Ibanez Artcore AWD82 Electric Semi Hollow Body Guitar Blue Flame Top.

Love at first sight.

These guitars are my top three. (Right now I’ve got

eight more…)





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