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I created a song.

I called it Hurricane.

I sent it to my friends i Florida.

Now the real hurricane Mathew reaches Floridas coast.

I’ll never name a song after natural phenomenas again.

My thoughts tonight are with the people on Haiti who lost loved ones.

My thoughts tonight are with the people i Florida. Hope you are in safety.

My thoughts tonight are with all of you who suffer…

I’m lucky. I’m safe.

I was out of water for five days…

That’s nothing.




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Latest, greatest ?

I’m always a bit nervous before releasing new songs. What if people think it sucks… Not that it would stop me but of course I care about what the listeners think. Working alone doesn’t give so many chances of feedback so I have to rely on my own judgement. Therefore I was so happy when I got this message:


I was going to tell you that we have this week’s show already set up, but after listening to this track, somebody is going to get BUMPED OFF!  AMAZING POWER!  I LOVE what you are doing with it!  We will play it this week, and I personally thank you for allowing us to play your AMAZING music! May be the best you’ve done yet!!

Ken Bailey  Westfield Alliance Indie Show

Today you can hear the whole show here:


Now’s the question, is the latest the greatest?


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New music

Here is my latest song.

It’s called Hurricane.

I love my new 7 stringed guitar.

If you want to support me and my music,

Listen, like and share.

Asatron is just me.

I do everything by myself in my own studio.


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Thougt I was ready with my latest recording. Then I got new ideas…

I like this one very much.

Tonight I worked with Krakel i n the studio.

We decided to release two songs instead of one and just started recordings of number two.

I plan to release the new Asatron track this weekend.

The Krakel songs will be released in late fall.


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Sometimes it just comes to me…

tonight it’s like a hurricane.

Talking about music.



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Only guitars and drums at the rehearsal today. Working on a new song. Revealing, not a chance to hide behind the organ or strings…  In october we’ll play at a private party! First gig with the new members! Krakel’s moving forward…

…and the new amp did great?


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Preparing for release

The single is ready but not released. I’m talking about Krakel and the track we mastered a couple of weeks ago. The video is ready too but we have some things left to do. Pictures of the band is number one. We suddenly relised we hadn’t got any photos so last week we posed in front of the camera. The result… some rather good others total disaster. We also have to decide which site we’re going to use for publishing. We have to update the homepage and write release information and probably many other things…. We created an Instagram account. Welcome to follow Krakel.z.

träd t



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