New music!

I’s been a while since my last release….

It’s not that I haven’t created Music, I just created it for the band KRAKEL.

But now I decided to release a new track by ASATRON.

This one is called The Owls and is about being contacted by the unknown…

The cats, owls and shadows I recognise from the past is now showing up again and I welcome them.

I hope you take the time to listen, I really like this one.

The black cat in the corner slowly dissapears
The face in the shadows only appears when I look
I look away
Reflections in the ripples shows a different face
Whispers from the darkness tell about their ways
echoes from the other side
I can hear them call

The cat on my shoulder is it a dream
The owls in the forest are not what they seem
are not what they seem

Reflections from the mirror a stranger’s looking back
search among the memories prepair for another attack
Another attack
voices who are singing sounds of broken glass
the Guardian of the gate tells me I can pass
people in the shadows
in the corner of my Eye

Dance with the clouds I’m floating away
easy let go or fighting to stay
Singing in languages I never learned
Playing with fire my fingers are burned
Fingers are burned

Scenes from the past fire walk with me
Secret illousions only I can see
scenes from a nightmare scenes from a dream
The owls in the forest are not what they seem
are not what they seem.
released October 5, 2018

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