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It’s time for a summary of 2009…

I started my solo project ASATRON in December 2008, just for fun…

I had a lot of unpublished songs and when Strangers in Wonderland decided to take a break I started ASATRON.

I had no intensions to be a big rock star or something like that, just wanted to share my music if someone was interested.

I started a MySpace page and uploaded some songs. And I was very surprised when I suddenly had a lot of friends and visitors.

I was a beginner at marketing and had no idea how to reach listeners. But working with S.I.W  taught me that there’s a world of music lovers out there… The podcasters.

So I created an account on Music alley and uploaded some songs there to. (Still just for fun)

In April I got my first message “your music has been played in a pod show”. At that moment I thought it was one of S.I.W’s songs and became very surprised and flattered when I understood it was ASATRON and “Little sister”…

Today my songs has been played in about (Known by me) 40 shows and add to that 5 songs in rotation at web radio.  I think that’s pretty good for a project started just for fun…

I also gave an interview and was artist in the spotlight twice.

My Christmas song was included in I don’t know how many Christmas special shows.

Obviously there are some people out there who like what I do and that makes me so proud and flattered. If you, dear reader, is one of them,  I would like to thank you, every listener is important to me.

The music I created 2009 is all right from my heart. As I work all alone every tone, every little idea or sound, comes from me… No compromises. I made the songs just as I wanted them… Of course I asked for feedback sometimes but the decisions were always mine at the end.

I also send 12 (Totally different)  songs to Eurovision song contest, without success of course but I didn’t count on being represented there anyway. I had a lot of fun recording these songs though…

Yes, I’m satisfied with my music and if you wonder who’s my favorite… I can’t answer. Every song has its own background, all collected from the life I live. Some of them are pretty dark stories but I believe in taking the problems to the edge before you leave them…. In that way my music is my therapy…

I released two singles, just to see how it works. Not for making money.

I started my own homepage in November (After two months lost in the web design jungle)and I’m surprised by the increasing numbers of visitors .

I started to make a video but am not satisfied with the result… It’s hard to shoot yourself…

(and I look terrible….:I )

So, how will I go on?

I will continue to record my music, and give the video a new chance…

I will go on playing with the cover band and hopefully play live with ASATRON. I would like that very much!

I will continue giving my music away for free, I’m not in this for the money, but I will also release new singles for those who like to support me by buying my songs.


I think 2009 became a better year for ASATRON than I could ever imagine.


To all of you who believe in me and support me I would like to say Thank you!

Songs released in 2009

Little sister

Black tears

Dance on your grave

Home to you

Another day

Your Princess

Black tears


Ashes in my tears

She’s all around

Who will cry

White Lies

Magic by the fire

Misty night

In the Christmas night

Themes of ASATRON


Pod shows that played my music in 2009:















Internet radio stations that played ASATRON:



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