The first meeting…

Just going for a new cable … Suddenly I saw him. … He just stood there … relaxed, as if he was waiting for something … I was paralyzed, and totally lost my breath. Tried to look the other way, but couldn’t ignore his beauty … -Must have him, must feel him, the words was like an echo in my head … I slowly went closer and ran my tremulous hands over his neck …. At the same time, I knew I’ve lost. Knew I would never leave him. He must be mine. He sang to me when I touched him, screamed furiously when I tickled a little too hard. And music occurred when we discovered how well we played together… Yes … He followed me home and now he has his own place in my home and my heart. Welcome Ibanez AWD82TBL … Let the adventure begin ….

And I still love him ❤


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