Yes I know!

Yes, it’s been a long time since I published a new song…
I planned to finish my latest one this week.
Just some new vocal tracks to record, but what happened….
I got a cold. I don’t recognise my voice…
and the cough makes it impossible to take as deep breaths as I need…
so, instead of give you a song,  I tell you about it…
I started to record some rock riffs and worked with them for two weeks.
They refused to obey my orders so I fired them.
Then I started with an empty sheet…
Absolutely no ideas, just played and let the music lead me ….
It was a lot of fun just grab every idea and record it.
It soon became a mess and then I started to clean it up and kill my darlings.

The result is a slow 6/8 with inspiration from esc.
Rather easy listening. A nice little fellow that wont scare you away.

I’ll finish it as soon as I get well!

oh, sorry – It’s called SHINE ON ME.

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