I survived

I survived Christmas!
But I’m not sure I’ll survive this winter…
The other night we had 20 degrees below and the warmvater sytem got frozen…
I was lucky to discover it in time to avoid broken pipes and waterleaks.
Now I have an extra heater in my basement…

I have vacation from work so I spend some time in the studio.
Testing a new idea…
Pretty satisfied so far..
Tomorrow I’ll work together with a great bassplayer to make some funk!
That’ll be interesting.

My best christmasgift was an electric blanket wich I placed in my favorite armchair.
Now I don’t have to freeze as long as I sit still….
13 degrees idoors is not funny!
I’m lucky to have a fireplace, but I’m running out of wood…

On newyearseve I’ll meet my sister and her family.
I see them only twice a year because they live 500 km away…
That will be nice.

This year there was a great sucsess with my christmas tree.
I don’t really want one but my kids demand it…
I told them “Clean up the house and I’ll by you a tree”
And guess what! They did (Big surprise for me)
So I went away and bought the last tree in the area…
It was deep frozen so we couldn’t se if it was a good one.
We just put it in the livingroom and went to the neighburs for the traditional ham sandwich.
When we got home there was the perfect chritmas tree.
(We had some miserable shrubberys the latest years…)
we put in gold and purpurballs and goldglitter and the result was just beautiful!

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