Thought I should have time for working with my music…

I’ve been fre for a week now but the studio is still closed…

I’ve been celebrating midsummer , preparing for the unplugged gig and spent the hot sunny days by the sea…

In summer I live in paradise.

My house and garden is close to the sea and I love to relaxe with an mp3-player in a nice chair, getting my skin burned, looking out over the water… My garden is perfect for barbecuing and the evenings I’ve spent with a glass of wine under the cherry tree…

I’ve been so busy with those things that I almost forgot to work today… (something I promised a rainy day in the beginning of June)

Luckily I was reminded and got there in time…

What I did forgot was the yearly control of the car…I had to arrange a new appointment to avoid forbidden driving….

I’d better get a summer calendar… and remember to look in it…

Tomorrow? I don’t know… depends on the weather…

The first rainy day I’ll open the studio again.

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