Fear !

Yesterday I experienced great fear!

Just when I was about to fall asleep I heard a strange noise in my bedroom.

It sounded like a small bird in flight and then a “splat”.

First I thought it was just imagination but when I heard the sound of wings again I switched on the light….

And I stared right into the face of fear…

On my covering there was a grasshopper from hell!

Big as my thumb with legs I don’t even can describe..

I screamed for my daughters who came to rescue their mum…

The youngest one almost threw up when she saw the beast and the oldest became just
as paralyzed as I….

We decided to put a bowl over it and carry the whole covering outside.

A big portion of courage was required for this action…

I tried to come close but was to terrified and I cried and wailed…

– I don’t dare, I sobbed.

My daughters  told me to be brave and said –
You can do it mum….

They were right! I did it!

I carried the covering, the bowl, a tshirt that just happened to be in the wrong place,
and the monster outside…

Then I freaked out!

 It’s a bit embarrassing to tell you this but I missed a strong brave man at that moment.

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