Second night


We had the perfect sound yesterday! That made us very tight!

I love my guitar. I feel I can trust him. He can be soft and warm or rough and evil.

So many different sounds depending on how my fingers touch him.

I was wearing my glitter converse and discovered how important the choice of shoes are for the way I preform on stage… In these shoes I had a good grip to the floor and felt comfortable in the moves. No more high heels on stage for me!

Yesterday’s audience was a bit shy. But we made them forget about that and when we came to the rockier songs they couldn’t resist screaming for more 🙂

I think the band did the best performance ever this night. We were really good!

Next week we’ll play again but with another drummer which we never even met…

He’s a stand in for Ari and we hope he’s good! It’ll be interesting to try if we can improvise and make it work. It’s always confusing the first time you play with a new member, especially a drummer…. We have no time for rehearsals so we’ll just go on stage with him. That’s rock’n roll!

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