the government offices and No Jive

Yesterday I played with No Jive to the staff at the Government offices in Stockholm. They had a big party at Rosenbad with a 70-ties theme. We have never been so well protected ever… The loge was huge with panorama windows to the water, and the kitchen staff brought us whatever we asked for… The guests were dressed up in clothes from the seventies and we were to. It was tricky to get a good sound because of the golden walls ant the stone floor… 200 people danced from the first song… The guards were very helpful and fixed parking  in the camera monitored area outside Ud. I forgot to lock the car but I don’t think it has ever  been safer… My infected finger did hurt but not that bad…

I also have to tell you that I didn’t vote for this government…I don’t share their political opinions, but I can work for them and party with them… as long as I get paid 🙂

Here are some pics from the loge


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Jan 20, 2012 · 8:15 pm

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