Rebel as I am…

My fingertip still hurts. It’s red, swollen and hot. I had penicillin for over a week now and I’m a bit worried about the result… or the missing result. I’ve got a friend at work with exactly the same problem…  we’re comparing our pills and are horrified over the size. I’ve never seen pills that big before…

It’s almost impossible to plat the bass and piano. The guitar works as long as I don’t have to use that finger…

I’m always very careful with the left hand. I don’t take any risks. I cut the middle finger once and I couldn’t play for a month…

A couple of years ago I had a surgery on my right hand. I thought I could work the day after… No way! I couldn’t do anything for weeks… Not driving the car, play, write, cook, wash my hair.. ( Don’t worry, My daughters helped me with that) I learned to take good care of my hands because I realized how much I need them. This infection maybe seems like a minor problem but to me it’s not. I need that finger and a surgery on the left hand is not a good thing for a guitar player…

The doctor said, Penicillin from the inside and alcohol from the outside. I think I’ll try the opposite… Rebel as I am.


 By the way… My tailbone still hurts to…

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