Just a fantasy

I didn’t send any songs to the Swedish song contest this year. A couple of years ago I did and my song was chosen among 100 songs from over 3000. From these 100 they picked 28, but not mine…

The composers in the contest are always the same… I think the songs are ordered from the beginning and the open competition is just a fake. That’s why I don’t send my smashing schlager hits there anymore.. I wonder what I shall do with these songs… They are totally different from Asatrons other songs.. Releasing them under the name of Asatron would be very confusing for my audience I think… I probably make up another artist name … I could use a photo from my teenage… I could make up a story that connects me with celebrities… I could pretend I’m shy and don’t want to make videos… A secret identity… That would be an interesting experiment… the secret schlager princess … What a success!  or…

Whatever… Have a taste of my schlager cake:

But remeber… I’m having troubles being serious about this. It’s just for fun.

Just a fantasy…

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