We’ll meet again

One more week, then it’s over…

They are leaving me for new adventures.

We’ve been together every day for six years.

every day… I’ve seen them grow up. I’ve been with them for half of their lives.

This separation is painful, I’m very fond of these girls and boys and I know them so well.

Our friendship is very deep and I know almost everything about them.

I’ll miss them alot.

When life is hard I try to dive deep into the emotion to understand how to deal with the pain.

This is one of these moments…

I made a song to the children that came to me six years ago and now are ready to leave me…

I’ll play it on our last day  and show pictures on the big screen, pictures I collected from our years together.

Yes, I’m going to cry, but that’s ok, we’ll meet again….

Here you can pre listen to the song.

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