…and the beer’s cheep…

I’m home again after the trip to the crazy street music festival in Orsa. I went there with my acoustic guitar and met my cousin and the band Funatics. We walked around in the streets and played with people we’d never met before. I’s great fun and a lot of great musicians. People are so friendly and nice in that place. This was the third time for me and I made a couple of really good friends there now… I just lived for the minute and great music was created… It’s a very special experience for me because in Stockholm such things are impossible… If I joined a band here in the capital of Sweden I would probably get in huge trouble… Here ” mine is mine, and yours are yours”… Trespass is not accepted. That’s why I love this crazy street music festival. …and the beer’s cheep 🙂

Here’s a pic of the band Funatics which I had the privilege to jam with. Great musicians.

I’ll also thank my cousin and the fantastic double-bass player for the music and party!

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