Some people cook…

Returned my computer yesterday. I hope they’ll fix it quickly. I’m frustrated… I need my studio. I need  to be creative and music’s my way…

some people write, others paint, cook or dance… I make music. Right now I feel restless.I hate cooking, haven’t got the patience for writing and are worthless when it comes to dance. I long for the rainy days in the studio… I’m in the middle of a very interesting song and I want to finish it. I’ve got so many ideas…

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about cooking… It’s true. I hate it. I’ve got a problem with my hands… some kind of phobia. I panic when I get food on my hands. It’s so disgusting… worst of all is vanilla ice cream. I never buy vanilla ice cream to avoid the risk of getting it on my hands. Maybe you think I suffer from mental illness… and maybe you’re right. But aren’t we all a little bit crazy? Just in different ways…

Some people cook – I make music!


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