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About Delirious

Delirious is a song about hallucinations.

I suffer from migraine and have some strong painkillers. If I take just a little too much of these I start hallucinate. The first thing that happens is that I hear a specific sound. It’s like the sound from a whiplash. I managed to recreate that sound in this song. It’s the first thing you hear… Then it goes on with voices… People talk to me but no one is there. You can hear them in the softer part… This part is also a try to describe the wonderful feeling when the pain eases but the peaks are still there to disturb…Then I feel things. I can feel the cat laying on my stomach but when I’m about to scratch him he’s not there. I also see things. Small needles for example. Made of gold… and faces…

It’s a bit scary and I don’t like it but it’s necessary to medicate to avoid the terrible pain. If you are one of us with this disease you know what I’m talking about. The refrain tries to convey the feeling of confusion mixed with fear and relief. It’s also a lame cry for help from a brain pierced by a glowing spear…

So, this song is about painkilling and the side effects of medication. Yes, I’m sometimes on drugs, but on doctors’ order…

And… I recorded an electric drill to make a noise like tinnitus…

And the artwork is a picture I made many, many years ago, in school actually. I found it when my parents sold their house two years ago.

So, now you know a few things about this song…

Listen here:

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