The new song’s ready but…

The song is ready but I noticed a distortion sound on the lead vocals…

I have to fix that …

This one  is a new recording of an old song I never released. We recorded it with Strangers in Wonderland but didn’t include it on the album. I like this song very much and I made it one night in bed before I fell asleep.I often get new ideas for songs when I go to bed but mostly I’ve forgot them when I wake up in the morning. This one I remembered and the following morning I just sat down by the piano and played it… I made this one in my head, no notes… And I just played it from my memory.

It’s called “When the rain” and I hope I’ll have it ready this week. I have to move on with the next idea… Guitar licks, inspired of the 70-ies…

The artwork is ready too.

When the rain


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