from a different stage

A different kind of stage from those I usually enter…



Today I spoke about education, mathematics and you tube  The audience was a mix of teachers and leaders in
education. I’m using film making in the classroom to teach methods and mathematical rules and I wrote an article about it that was published. I also received an award for this work! The reason why I changed my way of teaching was to create opportunities for all my students to go as far as they possibly could… To make films together made me reach those who have easier to remember what they hear or do, not only those who use their eyes..  To me it’s very important to give every student the possibility to achieve higher goals. I’m very glad that my work attracted attention and I’m proud of the award. I also got the chance today to listen to a fantastic lecturer. Richard Gerver talked about creating tomorrow’s schools today. Very interesting.

And my song Count me out was played by Ed Owett and George Espenlaub today!

A good morning turned into a great day!


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