Russian accident

It was a different Saturday…

I started it with creating a new script for a movie about time. Then I dressed up in party clothes and went to pick up the band. We drove to Hökarängen and visited a vernisage. The artist was Niklas Aurgrunn and I like his paintings a lot. I bought one of them. After that we had some time to spend so we had a Fika at the local café. so many interesting people passed by and when we left the staff wished us a really, really nice weekend…. In the car again we went towards Huddinge and tried to find the address to the house where we should play. It wasn’t easy, the neighborhood was new built and we had the wrong name of the street. We stopped the car and tried to get in touch with the host of the party. After 15 minutes we realized we were just outside the house… We went in and played our songs in the living room as a surprise.  It was interesting people. Healers and chefs… Very nice, And they spoke with a Russian accident… (as they said..)

Now I’m back home with a glass of wine… This was a really interesting day… and different.

Tomorrow I’ll  do recordings with the band in the studio. The band’s still got no name… Maybe we’ll call us “with Russian accident”.


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