World Premiere

Krakel medel a

The first song from the female group from the eighties is released.

We were four young girls with dreams. We played together in the eighties.

We made our own music and rehearsed in a little summer house.

Sometimes we had a brass section consisting three young men.

We played live at clubs in Stockholm. We were proud, we were strong…

But the we woke up from the dream and the band split in the late eighties.

We got kids and families and new dreams.

This summer we met again for the first time since we split.

We decided to record two of our old hits.

We went into the studio without rehearsals. We hadn’t even listened

to the songs. They’re all on old tapes and we hadn’t recorders…

We tried to remember the chords and surprisingly quick we nailed the first song.

The other one was a bit harder but after lunch we recorded that one too.

I brought the project home to my studio to finish the vocals and mixing.

And yesterday we decided to release “Antingen Eller”

One of the first songs we ever made.

The bands name is

Krakel Zpektakel

and the members are:

Drums Kattis Söderström

Bass An Britt Falkbäck

Keyboars  Tora Lane

Guitar and lead vocals  Åsa Girgensohn

All the music was made by me. All the members wrote the lyrics.

Antingen Eller Lyrics Kattis Söderström, music Åsa Girgensohn

The other song we recorded is not finished yet, but will be soon…

Listen and download Antingen Eller for free.

Help us to share if you like.

So many people talk about reunions… – We should meet and bla bla bla…

And everyone know it’s just words…

We didn’t just talk…We really did it! And that’s what we’re most proud of!

The reunion of Krakel Zpektakel was a big moment for me.

Thanks to Johan Hackman and Rickard Ahl for support in the studio.

Thanks to all good old friends who encouraged us!

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