Sorry, I forgot

The plan was to release the song today…

That’s not going to happen…

I heard a mistake from the bass player and the drummer has to make some adjustments…

I forgot to check…

– Shame on me!

I hope to make the changes tomorrow.

Here’s the lyrics:



I don’t remember why you called my name

I don’t remember where, I don’t remember when

I can’t recall why I should feel ashamedamnesia

I can’t recall the time, I can’t recall the place

I don’t know what I am fighting for

or if I’m fighting at all

I see no reason to apologize

I just don’t see the need, I have no guilt to feed

I don’t remember why I’m standing here




I have forgotten if I’m good or bad

If I am pleased or sad, If I am wise or mad

I don’t remember why you’re mad at me

The one I used to be, Is no one I can see

I’m not familiar with the mirror’s face

A stranger looks at me, I don’t care what I see

I feel no anger and I feel no pain

Just forgot the game, the rules are not the same

I don’t remember why I’m standing here




I don’t remember anything at all

There’s nothing to recall, Just an empty wall





I think I’ll change the artwork to…











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