For free

I received some feedback after publishing my latest song.

Thanks for the nice words.

Thanks to all of you who listen to my music, you are the reason why I do this.

If no one listened, why bother publish…

I give all my music away for free. I don’t make music for the money, I create my sounds just because I love to.

You are also free to use my music as long as you mention Asatron.

On my bandcamp page you’ll find all my releases, free to download.

On soundcloud you’ll find my favorites.DSC_7932a

Here on my page you’ll also find all songs I released so far.

On you can get my music if you want to use it in a podshow.

On Fandalism you’ll find the latest releases.

On Spotify you can stream a few songs.

You can also buy some of my songs from the largest music sites like Amazon, ITunes, Google play, Rhapsody, Emusic etc.

If you haven’t heard my latest, here it is:

Lyrics by Mike Lyzenga.

I create all music myself. I write the lyrics, except a few ones, written by Mike Lyzenga. I play all the instruments and record everything in my own studio.

Thanks again for listening.


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