Beard or not, I listened to the music.

Another weekend has past. Yesterday I watched Eurovision song contest. It’s a tradition since I was a child. When I was seven years old I had a cassette recorder and I recorded the music from the Tv speakers. The whole family had to be quiet through the whole show… This year the winner was Conchita Wurst and people are talking about her beard and political stands… I listened to the song and I liked it. A dramatic ballad with suggestive melody, beautifully performed by a great voice.

A new song is almost ready. I recorded the last choirs today and made a first mix. I think it’s close to release. This one is called Hide in the dark.

In the rehearsal studio Lokalbefolkningen preparing for the next gig. Today we picked nine of our favorite songs  and gave them some extra polish. The 24/5 they’ll shine at Folkets hus in Orminge when the music compound, we belong to, celebrates 35 years. It’s also a big festival / carnival in the neighborhood that day. Five bands are playing and we’re the final act. We’re planning to kick some  asses with our  roughest covers…

To be continued…


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