the queen of goddesses

They called me the Lady wizard of Stockholm…

I like that. Much better than witch.

Listen to Westfield Alliance Indie Show. I,m so proud to be included.

About names…

Why Asatron?

Asatron is the  religion  the Vikings practiced in Scandinavia 1,000 years ago. It includes many fantastic stories about gods, giants, wizards and many magical beings. Asatron describes the world as a giant tree where the different worlds were placed. Around the world there was the beast Midgard Serpent. I’m very fascinated of these stories.

My name, Åsa, is a female name of Nordic origin. It means “queen of goddesses” and corresponds to the runic name Asa.

Asatron begins with my name and the rest “tron” means two things in swedish, to believe or a throne.

I associate those words with believing in Asa or a throne for Asa, the queen of goddesses…

Bu the final decision to use the name Asatron was the way we swedes can say it in a funny way… pretend to be an angry dog and bark it…

In my song Themes of Asatron I tried to describe some of the stories I like so much. The weavers is also about these stories.

Themes of ASATRON

Ravens are flying watching the world

Telling the stories of life

Women are weaving a net of the dreamsasatron lba

The hammer is making the thunder

Eye for an eye a life for a lie

No rules and no laws to obey


Embraced by the snake who is biting its tail

An eye for the water of wisdom

The corps eating eagle is whipping the storm

The giants and gods fight for freedom

An honorable death as a hero in fight

Invites to gods castle of light

Asatron, the stories of Asatron

Do you believe in Asatron

The stories of Asatron

or the goddess of fire…

The hand in the mouth of the dangerous wolf

A rope made of beard from a woman

Sacrificed humans and blood on the trees

The gods are enjoying the feast

Magical runes are sealed in the stone

Wait for the end of the world

Asatron, the stories of Asatron

Do you believe in Asatron

The stories of Asatron

or the goddess of fire…

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