New music

A couple of weeks ago I received lyrics from Mr. Michael Lyzenga in West Virginia. He asked if I would like to create a slow blues to his words. Of course I said yes and today I sent the song to him for feedback and here’s what he said:

You may not be sure… but I’m ready!!! This is absolutely killer.
Thank you so much for taking the time and doing this great version.
I don’t know what to say! Good God Almighty… you rock’d it! Perfect!I love the crowd noise… the piano intro… wow! The drums are great! Your vocal is soooo sultry in places and then you got nasty in others. Damn! It’s exactly as I imagined you singing the lyrics. The ‘plug in my guitar’ static is awesome! Your lead break is smokin’! What can I say but… thank you so much! I will upload to my Soundclick… you can upload to Fandalism or anywhere else you want to.

All passengers boarding from Stockholm to America… get on board!
Happy New Year Asa. We’ll do more tunes in 2015!


What else could I do but release the song.

Here is

Playing my blues

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