The answer is Yes

Worked hard with the latest recordings but still not satisfied.

Some small thing left to work on.

But I believe in this one. I’m proud of the sound I created for the bass drum and the arrangement is just as I like it now. But it’s a hard one when it comes to mixing… I’ll try again and hope I can release it this weekend.

Sometimes I get the question: do you play everything yourself? The answer is yes!

Even the drums? Yes, I play the drums but on the keyboard. There’s no room for drums in my studio. But, yes. I play and record every single beat using the click. I never use readymade drumpatterns.

Wish me luck with the mixing process.

Photo 2013-02-23 19 15 29


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2 responses to “The answer is Yes

  1. I’m waaaaaiting….

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