The Eurovision song contest has always been an important event for me.  

 Since I was a child I’ve enjoyd the show every year. Yesterday Måns Zelmerlöv compeeded for Sweden. I liked the song “Heroes” from the beginning and the  show was awesome. When the resaults were presented it was really exciting. After united kingdoms points Måns took the lead and we realised he was going to win! There were cheers and applause in my living room and we toasted in chapagne. Well done Måns! You’re woth it!

In the rehearsalstudio today it was a totally different sound. Rough and loud we played and two more songs are now added to the list. With Lokalbefolkningen everything’s possible!

Sometimes I get the question “what do you like best, gigs or recordings? ” I enjoy all parts of creating music. The gigs, working in the studio and the rehearsals. They’re all parts in life.


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