Angels sigh – The work

Sometimes I get the question how I work.

I’ll try to explain the process creating Angels sigh…

When I received the lyrics from Mike Lyzenga I decided to create a ballad.

Late one evening i sat down by my untuned old piano and just put my hands on the keys and just played what came up. After five minutes I recorded with my phone, just to remember and went back to the glass of wine.a

Two days later I listened to the recording and went to the studio to record it more properly. I checked the lyrics to see if the rhythm would match the piano. It did. I got the idea to use the 7 stringed guitar to create a contrast to the light piano. I recorded the distorted comp guitars on two channels. After that I started to work with the drums. I had the idea of a soft beginning and a higher intensity at the end. While working with the drums I heard more guitars and used a six stringed to record the lighter distorted parts. Then I tried some keyboard pads and recorded a soft dark one which you can hardly hear. A couple of days after I recorded the bass. I decided to change the key of the last refrain and tried two times before I was satisfied. I recorded all the instruments again. Then it was time for vocals. The lead vocals was ready after three recordings and the I went on with the choirs. The choirs are my favorite part to record. Then it was time for the guitar solo. First I recorded a rather fast one  but after a couple of listening I didn’t think it belonged. I decided to record a solo like the lead vocals. Now t was time for effects, fills and other spices…

After a couple of days I started the mixing process. The hardest part. When I was satisfied I waited another week and then mixed again.

In the middle of the working process this song made me cry. I don’t really know why but it touched me from outside. I’m used to have a strong feeling and put it into music but this was the other way, the music affected me and I cried like a baby. I thought that must be a good thing…20140406-175756.jpg

Before releasing the song I played it for some musicians to get feedback and of course for Mike Lyzenga. They said Go!

after a release I always feel empty. First I’m a bit worried… Is it good or what will people think… One nice comment is enough to calm me down. Now there’s an empty space before I start a new project.

I saved the first attempt to play what I heard inside my head.

Listen if you like and compare to the final result.

Thanks for reading.


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