beginnings and farewells

Yesterday I played with Lokalbefolkningen at Myrsjöfestivalen.

It was a wonderful warm summer evening and I enjoyed every moment on stage. I’ve said it before, It’s something special playing with this band. It’s like starting a machine, push the button and it just goes on until you stop it. I like that. This was an exceptional occasion, the band split almost a year ago. This was a reunion for this festival only. Sad, it’s a great band.

Last Friday all members of Krakel got together and played for the first time. With one more guitar the sound is getting heavier and that’s how I like it! This week we’re going to take photos for the release of  the single. The video is ready and will be released after the single.

Asatron is proud to be included i Westfield Alliance Indie Show with “In the rain”

Listen here!

Vacation is over and now a period of hard work starts. That means less time for music.

myrsjö myrsjö2

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