an accident rarely comes alone

It started with a strange sound from the washing machine… Something is wrong but I have absolutely no idea what…

Then the fridge started scream…something with the cooling system… I tried to fix it but it still comes and goes.

Then I recognised that the floor in front of the dishwasher had a bump. I pulled out the machine and discovered a water leak. I called the Insurance company who came and removed the floor and told me I have to replace the whole floor, in the kitchen, livingroom  and the hall. But first, four weeks with a large fan to dry what´s left of the kitchen… Then i noticed a similar bump in the bathroom. We have to tear down your bathroom too the carpenters said. But don’t worry, we’ll fix a provisional shower for you… in the cellar…. ( my cellar has no heat, no floor but a lot of spiders…) Then the cat disappeared. The cat I love so much, who wakes me up every morning and always kiss me goodnight… He was just gone. When I searched for him I discovered that the water heater was broken.  Hot water spurted from below and I had to call the on-call Plummer. 5000:-

On Wednesday the carpenters come back and I don’t know if I can stay in my house until everything is fixed…

I hope this is it… I’m a bit worried about the car… and the studio… and my health…

But I only cried once… the cat. everything else can be replaced, but the cat… I miss him and it hurts thinking about what could have happened to him….


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