New Music from Stockholm

The 7:th of April Stockholm was attacked.

A man drove a truck. killed and injured innocent people and crashed into one of Stockholms most visited stores.

It was a terror attack. Stockholmers were shocked.

My daughter works in that store and I’m so happy she called me to tell she was all right before I was reached by the news on media.

The days after the attack people came to the Place with flowers and candles to show respect to the victims but also to share love and show that we’ll never let things like this change us. A big love manifestation took place and policemen, firefighters, doctors and nurses were hailed as heroes. The leaders of Sweden spoke of love and freedom and the people of Stockholm were praised for their actions in Connection with the attack.

I was a bit shocked by the incident and cried for the victims but I also  felt something else. So many people showed love and consideration and stood united in love, not hate. We opened our hearts that day…

My way of dealing with this awful attack is creating music.

The lyrics includes fragments of things I heard people say and I’m so thankful that i have regained faith in humanity.

This song is called Together and it’s dedicated to all of you who choose love.

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