My family

A week ago I laid my hands on another Marshal amp and a 4.12 speaker. I drove 300 km to pick it up. The owner just wanted to get rid of it so I got it for free… I tried it on the rehearsal with Krakel yesterday and I just laughed out loud! What a sound! At last I got the deep bass to my guitar sound. But of course… The speaker is so heavy I can’t move it by myself… Before the rehearsal I went to a music store to buy a new microphone cable.  Then I saw him… A five stringed bass, just what I’ve been searching for… I tried it and left some money in the store and he followed me home.  Now I think my instrument family is completed. I have got 11 guitars, Three acoustic, one twelve stringed, two 7 stringed and 5 6 stringed electrics. I’ve got two 4 stringed basses and now one 5 stringed too. I’ve got one digital drum set and two keyboards. One Neuman microphone and three Shure beta 58. A brand new tambourine and a broken violin. I also own seven amps, two marshals, one peavey, two fenders, one Roland and one Laney.  People sometimes tell me “You can only play one guitar at the time”, Yes that’s true but every guitar is perfect in its own way and they’re very different. I use them all and none of them are for sale. This is my family and I love it!

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