Shut up!


Shut up!

In my latest song I’m proud to present the voices of three of my favorite podcasters.

Michael from Michael Angels cosmic grab bag, Steve from Dale cast and Zack from the Moth pod.

Great guys who make fantastic shows week after week J

I asked for permission to use these very special voices in my song and got it.

I think it turned out very well.

I strongly recommend you to check these shows out. Always very good and interesting music.

Here are the links:

 The Mothpod

Oh… I almost forgot…

My new song is called Shut up and will be released soon…..


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One response to “Shut up!

  1. This is a super cool, rockin’ song. I think that getting the voices of Steve Dale, Zack Daggy and myself in the background was nothing short of genius. It’s one of those tunes you want to keep listening to. This song has hit written all over it.

    Thanks again, Asa!

    You Rock!!!!!

    Michael Angel

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