When I listen to radio here in Sweden I get so bored….
Same songs are played over and over again…
Newer anything surprising… I’ve heard it all before.
Two stations are playing rock music and a few weeks ago one of them had “Women special weekend”…
I became interested and listened for an hour….
Iron Maiden, Stones, Metallica, OH YES! Pretenders! ( a woman), Deep purple, Scorpions, Guns ´n roses… and so on…
I heard one woman on that hour in the Women special weekend!
Come on!
Only old men and songs I’ve heard before.
I send them a BLÄ mail.
No – I’m tired of radio.
I prefer all the great podcasters out there!
In their shows I always hear new interesting music.
There are so many great bands and artists around the world who will never be played in Swedish radio…
I’m so grateful to the podcasters bringing their music to my ears.
You’re doing a great job!
Thank you for that!
Below I give you link to my homepage
From there you can visit my favorite podcasters..
For me radio is dying…

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