Friday 13th


I started work today… It’s crazy… I haven’t got time for that!

The coffemachine broke, the password was to old, the phone was broken and I hit a flower pot with my car… It went upside down and I got stuck on it….. Three lovely gentlemen had to lift my car down… How could tht happen? A cheramic pot… Why didn’t it broke?  Incredible!

This night we played with the coverband No Jive at a wedding.

In the beginning no one paid attention to us… strange… But we worked harder and at the end everyone was dancing and screaming for moore 🙂

We did it again!

I don’t think we’ve ever given away so many cards before…

Tomorrow I will finish my floor…

Now I’ll go out to see if I can catch a glimpse of some more meteorits…

And I’ll make a wish…. A secret wish!

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