On my own day six

Spent a couple of hours in the sun by the sea….

Had a swim in the lovely water…

Missed that this summer.

Then I went to buy plaster boards for the inner walls.

I wasn’t prepared of their size and weight….

I had some trouble getting them into my car…

A nice handyman came to me and said – That will not work.

-Oh yes, I told him.

-You are that kind of woman who will do everything by yourself, aren’t you? he asked.

– You bet!

-So I can’t help you then?

-If you would be kind to ask for some strings to tie the trunk, I’ll be happy! I told him and pushed the boards towards the windscreen. 90 x 270 … It was a bit tricky but – I did it!

The nice handyman couldn’t find the strings so I got them myself….

Now The boards are in place on the wall and the holes for the electrical outlet are just where they’re ment to be 🙂

I must say I’m proud.

This was the job I was most nervous about.

I celebrate with a glass of rosé wine at the terrace in this lovely summernight.

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