he’s in always with me

Today we went to the undertaker to plan for my father’s funeral.

I and my mum were totally lost but the nice lady guided us very gently through all decisions…

I really liked the way she treated my father’s name with dignity.

She helped us to create an ad for the papers, pick a coffin and order flowers.

The funeral will be Thursday 10/11 in our local church.

We have decided which songs and psalms we like and my sister’s husband’s going to play the cello.

My sister and I thought about singing something together, my father would have loved that, but we realize that we’ll not be able to…

I went to see my father at the hospital after he passed away and I have to admit that I was a little bit worried before the meeting,( I have never met a dead person before) but when I saw him and held his hand I realized how calm he’d become and that his struggle was over. At last he found peace. An I know we’ll meet again. In fact I believe that he visited me the night he died. I woke up in the middle of the night with a fever and I went up to take a pill at the same time he died… I think he was there to say goodbye and found a way to wake me up…

He was my dad and he was always there for me. I’ll miss him for the rest of my life but he’s  with me in my heart.

He liked to make jokes and I look forward to his visits from the “other side”…

It’s not goodbye – it’s “we’ll meet again” .

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