Who can sail?

Tomorrow I’ll meet the priest to plan the funeral…

I don’t believe in any special God, not more than I believe in any Satan…

But. I believe in some kind of force that makes connections between

souls possible. Or.. not exactly souls, I just can’t find another word right now.

I believe my cat is the messenger…

But, tomorrow I’ll meet the priest and we’ll create a very beautiful funeral for my loved father.

He loved to sail and today I thought about this song for the program:

Vem kan segla för utan vind?
Vem kan ro utan åror?
Vem kan skiljas från vännen sin,
utan att fälla tårar?

Jag kan segla för utan vind
Jag kan ro utan åror
Men ej skiljas från vännen min
utan att fälla tårar

Who can sail without wind?
Who can roe without oars?
Who can part from a dear friend,
without a tear on your chin?

I can sail without wind
I can roe without oars
But I can’t part from a dear friend
without a tear on my chin

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