From the triangle player…

I got surprised when I opened my mailbox today. There was an envelope including the album of Bus Stop Dreams and a note that told me I was playing the triangle…

I hope that wasn’t the reason why I got the album…. I never visited the recording sessions and I don’t even know in which track the triangle is heard…

 I worked with Lasse Thomasson a couple of years ago and we recorded an album with Strangers in Wonderland. Maybe some sound from that era is used in this new album of Bus stop dreams…

However, I followed Bus stop dreams through the process of making this album from a distance, and I’ve heard most of the songs already. This is great work.  I also agree with the band that a CD is a special thing. To hold the music in the hands and to turn the pages and read the lyrics in the booklet gives me the feeling that it’s for real… a digital track can never bring that feeling.

My favorite track on this album is “The kiss”. It’s a beautiful piece of art and Jan Johansens’ voice is perfect for the song. I love it!

The artwork is interesting and a bit scary I think. I don’t know if I like it or not and I think that’s genius. I feel the same way about the track “Come together” I don’t know …

I hope I received the album because I’m still a friend and have great respect for these musicians and songwriters. I also know Lasse as one of the greatest producers.

Now I wish Bus Stop Dreams the best luck with the album and thank you for sending me a copy. And… Yes, I’m honored and a bit jealous. To work alone isn’t always a good thing…

If you’ll perform live and need someone playing the triangle… You know what to do!


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