Autodidact, good or bad ?

I never took guitar lessons. I just bought a guitar when I was 16 and started to play. A friend of mine tried once to tech me some riffs but I can’t play things people tell me to play,

I have to find my own ways… That’s how I am… I went to a vocal coach three times but the same result… I like to try new ways of singing, not learn to sound like someone else. When I was young I went to piano class. That’s not a good idea because I never did my homework, I created my own melodies and the teacher went disappointed when I couldn’t play the pieces she chose for me… I spent six years in a music school which made me sing in the choir.

I was pretty good at that and got a job in the Swedish radio choir for one year. The problem was that I couldn’t, and still can’t read music. It was a little problem when we performed a modern requiem.  So how did I manage that? I remember…

And I have perfect pitch…

When it comes to creating music I just improvise. I’ve never read anything about music theory or composing and I never read anything about recording or mixing. I’m curious and not afraid to try and push unknown buttons. Of course it takes longer time that way and many mistakes are made, but I enjoy every minute in the studio and maybe someday my music will sound like the professionals’…
When it comes to music I’m autodidact.

When it comes to teaching, I studied a lot and still do…

Sometimes I wonder how it would be if  it was the other way round, if I was an autodidact teacher and a trained musician…







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