KrakelZpektakel / Asatron

Spent a lot of time in the studio recording an old song from the female band Krakel Zpektakel.

I played in that band back in the eighties. I recorded it from the memory, it’s only available on cassette tapes and I haven’t got a player for that… When I started I thought it should be a piece  of cake but hell no… To create the sound I had in my head I spent many hours testing and mixing… Tonight I sent mp3’s to the girls for feedback. If they like it I’ll publish it but I’m not sure it’ll be an ASATRON track… It’s in swedish and Asatron never released something in swedish before… I think I’ll publish it as a Krakel Zpektakel / Asatron song… But first I need permission from the band…

By the way… Krakel Zpektakel is planning to start rehearsal again, after all these years… That’s awesome !



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