Radio edit

Four laughing women playing a song called black daemons…

Krakel Zpektakel make progress playing Krakel Zpektakel covers…DSC03703

That’s how it feels when we try to remember our own songs…

Many of our lyrics were very deep and dark…

Talking about lyrics…

In west Virginia I use the word fuck…

Didn’t think of the problems with air play in USA.

Mr. Ken Bailey made a radio edit to be safe to play it.

Letting the “F” word stay in this song would get myself and all my outlet stations in serious trouble.  I hope you are satisfied with the radio edit.

I am still proud of your statement.  Anybody from any record company should be more concerned with your talent, because your are an AMAZING artist!

Thank you for letting us play this song! “

You can listen to Westfield Alliance Indie Show and the radio edit here:


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