R.I.P. No Jive

We split the band.

It has been hard to find time for rehearsals for six musicians with full time jobs and families. The last gig was this summer at a private party in the archipelago. Since then we have only met a few times…

Here’s some notes from our history:

1/1 209 we started the band.

2010 nine gigs

2011 10 gigs. three weekends in December we were “the band” at Grisslinge bar and bistro.

2012 5 gigs. One of them were at Regeringskansliet / Rosenbad with very high security.

2013 recordings and just a few gigs. New drummer

2014 2 gigs

2015 decided to give up.

The best memory is when we were hired to play at Ejedals arena in Lexand. we had  v.i.p. lounges and a own house to stay the night. We played at three in the morning and started the party in the house at 3.30. We went to bed 9.20 and got u at 9.40. Twenty minutes of sleep…  We had so much fun.

No Jive was an awesome band and I’ll miss it. The best band I ever played in. We played music I never thought a coverband could play, like toto, pink floyd and highway star by Deep Purple.

Our hompage is still there so if you want to take farewell to No Jive you can go there and listen to recordings and watch the videos and pictures.


R.I P No Jive.

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