Because I love…

All musicians long for a big audience and the perfect sound. We love to preform and feel the magic when the songs come out perfectly and the response from the crowd is loud… Of course that’s awesome moments in life… But we can’t always be there. Some of us will never be. Some of us long for tis forever and others want even more after one of those moments. Most of us are always looking for more and can’t stay satisfied. It’s good I some ways but can also make us loose the passion for music. When I was younger I always wanted more, bigger stages, more gigs, more money, better sound, bigger audience …. That made me quit playing for ten years. I was never satisfied.

Today I can find happiness in just a phrase I sing perfectly or creating a new interesting riff. I can feel the pleasure in rehearsals as well as on stage or in the studio. It’s the music that matters, it’s the music I love. And if I treat the music with love and respect it will love me back. I try to give the best I have to every note and that’s a challenge. This makes even the easiest song an interesting project. I feel happiness and pleasure every time I create music, alone or with others. I wish I could share that feeling. I wish I could do it more often. Because I love it…


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