Chasing time…

Time flies…


It was a long time ago but it feels like yesterday I was proud of that hair…

A week has 168 hours. I sleep 49 of them. 119 left.I work 50 hours, 69 left.I study 25, 44 hours left.I cook and eat 14, 30 left.I shower, fix hair and makeup, etc. 7 hours, 23 left.Driving 5 hours, 18 left.Shopping 5 hours, 13 left.Cleaning, washing etc. 5 hours, 8 left.Phone calls, chat and mail, 3 hours, 5 left.Reading books and papers, watching TV,  3 hours, 2 hours left.Spend time with friends and family, 2 hours, 0 left…Creating music…..?

Sometimes I spend a couple of minutes writing…  I try to save time  combining things.  reading and eating, phone calls and cleaning, , sleeping and driving, shopping and brushing my teeth… Chasing time.



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