In the darkness

Yesterday the ladies in Krakel Zpektakel surprised me with dinner. They took me to a restaurant, owned by a blind man in Stockholm called Svartklubben. It was a very special experience. The food was served i total darkness. I mean total! At first I felt panic. I was scary not to see a thing but after a while I got used to it and found it really nice. I think I learned rather quickly to find the wineglass and to locate the food on the plate. I strongly recomend this place, not only for the darkness, the food was fantastic! The waiters, Sven and Jocke, also entertained us with their music and they were awesome. Go there!

Today I took a break from the studies to play with Lokalbefolkningen and tomorrow with Krakel Zpektakel. That means I have to read faster…

I’m proud to have my music played in Westfield Alliance Indie show.

This time Lock me up is on the list. Listen to the show here:





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