Last week I released a new song. Now I’m searching for the next one. Collecting feelings and experiences, trying some chords and melodies. A couple of days ago I received lyrics from my favorite poet Mr Mike Lyzenga. I’m honored to be  trusted to create music to his beautiful words.

When I release new music I always have doubts about my skills as songwriter. I like my music very much and I open a door to my soul, afraid to get hurt… Just a small nice comment  erases that feeling. If just someone else like what I do I’m happy. What makes me sad is when I notice that people don’t even listen,. I don’t sell my music, I don’t ask for credit or compassion but silence makes me loose confidence.  I’m so happy for the music lovers in other parts of the world.. Thanks for all the feedback and shares!  Swedes doesn’t seem to be so good at these things…

If you missed my latest release, Here it is again.

My next project will be a ballad with Mikes lyrics. I hope he’ll be satisfied.

One of my favorite moments in life is when  someone in the band starts playing something and the others join and suddenly there’s magic. I had one of those moments yesterday. Thanks!

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