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The ladies go live

Yesterday I and the band Krakel Zpektakel were invited to a party with musicians to play and jam. After three rehearsals we were ready to play two of our old hits. We were a bit nervous and we had to explain to the audience that three of us haven’t even got instruments for practicing. After the circumstances I think we did a great job! The ladies can deliver.

Two other bands also played a couple of songs and then we started to play in mixed constellations. I joined the jam in Highway to hell, comfortably numb, Du hast, Wish you were here, Baby love, Still got the blues, Sweet home Alabama and The wall…

It was great fun and I’m so impressed by the awesome musicians.

The band who hosted this event is Rockrus. Check them out here http://rockrus.se/

And here’s some pictures by Kenneth Jonsson.

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