You invited the angels



You invited the angels

I made this song a couple of years ago.

I was deeply in love with a man and tried to tell him how important he was to me…

I sent him the song and after that I couldn’t listen to it without crying.

So, I hid the song in my computer and never listened to it again.

Until a few days ago.

Since I recorded that song I’ve became a much stronger woman.

So much pain I have faced since then…

What doesn’t kill makes you stronger, they say…

So I decided to make a new version of the song.

I opened up the dusty project and guess what happened….

In the second refrain I started to cry….

Anyway, I made it. A new recording of one of my favorite songs.

This one means a lot to me.

I hope you can hear it. I hope it touches you too.

My soul is in this song.


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